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See How Gilt Edged Invitation Cards Score Better Than Their Counterparts

Stationery or printed products with a silver, gold or other metallic edges are known as ‘gilt edged’. This is a finishing technique which dates back centuries. Though an ancient tradition, it still continues to convey subtle sophistication and is ideal for numerous occasions. From business cards to invitation cards to pages of a book, anything can be given a gilt edge.

Then and Now

Considered the most elegant of finishes, gilt edges were reserved for important manuscripts such as religious books and literature classics in hardcover. Today, this highly specialized technique can be reproduced on a variety of printed products including invitation cards and business cards. A business card is a subtle way of providing your contact information to prospective clients to establish an instant rapport. This is where gilt edge business cards come to the rescue. With their distinctive touch and fabulous finish, they are sure to be noticed.

Nowadays, the choices of colour in gilding are not restricted to silver and gold. Using colours apart from the metallic shades can give the printed items a contemporary yet traditional feel.

The Process

The cards to be gilded are first placed in a clamp to ensure a firm and stable grip. The next step is to sand down the edges so that they are really smooth. Adhesive is then applied to the smoothened surface before placing the chosen piece of foil over it. Heat and pressure is applied evenly over the glued foil to prevent any creasing or folding. Then, the foil is slowly peeled away from the edges to reveal the gilt edges on the cards.

Things to Know When Opting for Gilding

• The thicker the paper, the greater the impact of gilding is likely to be.
• Gold and silver are likely to be the most effective.
• Bevelled edges can make the gilding visible even when the card is face up.

While a gilt edged invitation card is sure to convey the message of a luxurious event or celebration, business cards with gilt edges are sure to underline elegant sophistication.


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